Planetary Meditation ~ Ibiza ~ World Peace & Embracing A New Value System

 24 May
 Es Vedrà
 Calle Del Arzobispo Cardona Riera - 07839 - -
 Ascension Meditation Ibiza
World Peace & Embracing A New Value System This month: Visualising the Earth as Healed and Manifesting the New Earth into the Now. As momentum for world & planetary change is growing each day, It would be great for the residents of our magical island to start our own gathering for Planetary Meditation. We aim to come together one Sunday each month at 5:30pm (Spain) and join thousands of people meditating simultaneously all across Gaia to send out a powerful wave of love, light consciousness, transformation, and peace. This monthly event is FREE and open to All. It will also be bilingual (English & Spanish). Date: Sunday May 24th at 5:30pm! (NEWER TIME!!) Location: The TOP platform opposite Es Vedrà (just below the pirate tower). In addition to Ascension Meditation Ibiza’s involvement in Planetary Meditation - Ibiza the ceremony and ritual will also be supported this month by Solara An-Ra ( Casa Solara Ibiza with Elena Teixidor (Elena Yoga Ibiza ) accompanying throughout with vibrational sounds and instruments (shamanic drum, crystal & tibetan bowls, hang drum). Trace Harris (BALEARICBLISS IBIZA) also returns to play the Hang Drum alongside Elena. More info about the ceremony and contributors to the event will be updated in the next couple of weeks. We will focus this month on how to visualise the healing and rejuvenation of our Earth- her plants, animals, minerals, crystals, ecosystems, and her populations. We will send out our intention on what we each would like to see as reality in our New Earth: new governance without corruption, greed, and power struggles; a society based on cooperation, acceptance, real freedom with responsibility, love without war, hunger, fear, disease, illness, and suffering; sustainable living, economics, and resource management where there is more than enough for Everyone; and the healing back to pristine condition of the world's many natural resources and places of beauty; and whatever else our hearts desire to manifest into our new world. We will be affiliated through intention to Prepare for Change Cobra Etheric Liberation PLANETARY MEDITATION Unified Meditation for WORLD LIBERATION DAY ♡Our Family of Light & Love United in Joy to Transform the World!!! :) Planetary Meditation <> WEEKLY LIBERATION MEDITATION <>> World Water Day THRIVE MOVEMENT World Earth Day The Template The Galactic Federation Of Light Ashtar Command Crew New Earth Nation and the various Planetary and Light Worker Facebook events and initiatives for world peace and transformation.

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