Pint of Science Oxford - The Wig&Pen edition

 18 May
 Wig & Pen - Oxford
 9-13 George Street - OX1 2AU - Oxford - United Kingdom
 Rebecca Stevens
What better way to enjoy stimulating scientific discussion, than from the comfort of your local pub... The Pint of Science Festival is coming to Oxford! From the 18th-20th May, we will be holding 3 consecutive nights of events at the Wig&Pen, discussing some of the hottest topics in science with leading experts! What can a nematode worm tell us about why and how we age? What are stem cells, and how can they help us to cure chronic disease? Are we overcoming the ebola outbreak? If these questions are getting your inquisitive juices flowing, then join us, pint in hand, for more exciting discussion - tickets just £3: Audience participation is strongly encouraged, and no scientific background is required!

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