Pink Luxury Discount Shoot

 31 May
 Ashland, PA, United States
  - 17921 - -
 Michael F Bann
Everyone who has laid eyes on this Pink Sofa has gushed. So it's high time we offer it up for some photos. Rather than do this at a premium we're actually going to use it in a discount package. Each and every discount shoot we've offered have been booked quickly and had us add additional dates. This will be offered a single day for now, May 31st. We will NOT be able to schedule anything on the 30th as we are on the road shooting some promo for an exciting upcoming deluxe package. This shoot includes full makeup and hair plus 45 minutes shoot time. You can do as many wardrobe changes as you like during that 45 minutes. You get an SD card when the shoot ends with ALL your images. We actually got 700 photos in that time with our promo model and the very images you see here are UNEDITED, yes indeed, these are the shots as they came off the data card... BUT your shoot does include 6 edited images of YOUR choice. If those gorgeous pink sofa wasn't enough we will also be adding in a chandelier for this session and of course you're free to add in any manner of props you'd like be that your own or items we have in the studio. You have full rights to the images PLUS I am setting up a special priority submission form should you want to submit them to Kat Club snd I do not require exclusive rights or that you not share them. In fact I am delighted how many models share images within hours of the shoot right off the SD card. Have you shot with me before? Then you can take $25 off so the shoot is only $200. A $ 100 non refundable deposit is required to book. As a courtesy, you can pay just $50 to hold your spot, with an additional $50 due by April 31. Contact Nicole Zedonek to book.

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