13 June
 Stack Your Roster HQ `
  - - -
 David Aaron Mitchell
Pinegrove are one of my favourite bands in the world right now. Evan has the most gorgeous voice and writes really profound, fragile, beautiful, unique songs. Mega honour to have them in our basement. Archery Guild are an expansive, genre defying band who relish in subtleties and vivid detail. Commandant Clark Dream Group we've been up to doing some stuff. Andy is a beacon of hope and inspiration. he teaches me every day. spending time with him is the greatest gift. Helena Deland has been making some incredibly raw and visceral music lately. stunning vocals and harmonies and arrangements. this show is taking place in our home the Stack Your Roster HQ please message me for the address i'll be collecting donations for Pinegrove, who are on tour from Montclair, NJ. 7$ or 8$ would be cool. please respect our space and the people inside it. • this show is being presented in association with Gachary Goldberg productionz •

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