Pine Trail/Twin Peak leisure hike

 30 May
 Pine Tree Trail, Fraser Hill
  - - Bukit Fraser - Malaysia
 MK Ganesan M Krishnasamy
Suitable for moderate hikers. Medium difficulty. Beginners could make it to first peak in 2 hrs 15mins. This is a leisure hike. we need to stay in groups. pls avoid solo endeavour as tigers were sighted in the jungle with cubs previously. We start hike at 8.00am pronto. we do not wait for late comers. 2 meeting points : 1st meeting point at Sg Buluh RnR. come early and have your breakfast and buy your packed lunch. we must depart by 5.45am. no waiting. 2nd meeting point at Fraser Hill clock tower at 7.40am. we drive in convoy to trail head. Carpooling to be self arranged. suggest carpool at RnR Sg Buluh. Carpool pricing set at RM15 from Klang/PJ, RM12 from KL. RM10 from RnR. Pls pay the driver before boarding. Note; there would be a point where roping and climbing is necessary. Every hike has an element of risk. You are therefore hiking at your own risk. The organiser or any participant shall not be held liable for any mishaps occurring to you. This is only an invitation to participate the organiser for hike. No cost to the hike. it;s FOC (gratis). Items mandatory: Proper and suitable hiking outfit sports shoes with profile Water minimum 1.5 litres whistle torchlight/headlight insect repellent a big smile Without whistle and light, I may not allow you to participate. At trail head, safety briefing would be provided. What I require: aa. Your full name as per IC bb. Your mobile number (whatsapp group creation) cc. Your next of kin cc. Next of kin telephone number We normally leave a detailed hikers list with the police. LETS HIKE

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