Pilgrimage To The Crone - The Journey Into Menopause

 30 May
 Red Tent Bournemouth
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 Teresa Bilowus
If you are a woman in your thirties or forties wanting to learn what you can do beforehand to have a healthier and more balanced menopause. If you are a therapist who treats women going through that time of change and would like to be able to advise them. If you are a woman deep in the middle of the spiritual, emotional and/or physical changes at menopause and are looking for answers. If you are a woman who has not menstruated for many years but are still searching for your life’s purpose. Then this workshop is for you! Would you like to know how you can have a more positive view of Menopause, whether you are approaching it, in the middle or out the other side? Would you like the tools to prepare for menopause so it can become a powerful initiatory passage in your life instead of a medical problem? Would you like to gain the knowledge and skills to be able to deal naturally with any physical or emotional symptoms that might arise around menopause? Would you like to get in touch with the woman you truly are and connect with your 'calling' (i.e. what makes you unique and how you can express your true nature out in the world)? Would you like to know how would it feel to be able to celebrate this phase of your life and step into your power? Yes? Then read further: Red Tent Bournemouth is thrilled to present this two day workshop on 'Pilgrimage To The Crone - The Journey To Menopause. This is a powerful two day workshop for women who want to live an empowered menopause. It is a small group workshop and will provide you with the essential tools to understand this all important rite-of-passage. Saturday, 30th May 2015 1000-1630 Sunday, 31st May 2015 1000-1630 Cost: £120.00 per person. Snacks, refreshments and hot/cold drinks are provided. Please bring your own lunch.

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