PGH March Against Monsanto

 23 May
 21st and Smallman Streets, Strip District, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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 Shawnelle Dodds
This is the event link for the Pittsburgh, PA March Against Monsanto. Do you believe that chemical companies should not make food? Do you believe traditional farmers should still have rights? Do you want clean air and clean soil? Do we have the right to know what's really in our food? If you answered yes to one or more of these, then please mark the date to join us once again to make a stand for the people. March Against Monsanto is a peaceful march to be seen and heard, to educate and answer questions. MARCH COURTESIES: • Banners and signs are strongly encouraged. Please keep it clean people!! We want to show that activists can be professional. If we are not taken seriously, no one will take our cause seriously. • Chanting and educating during the march is encouraged. Again, be professional! • Kids are strongly encouraged to come! This is a kid friendly event. Bring wagons if needed. PS. Kids look really cute dressed as bees. • Costumes are encouraged! • A route will be planned out and approved approximately one month prior to the event. It will start in the Strip District again. • Follow pedestrian traffic rules. • You are more than welcome to bring your own literature, but Kayt and I will have some to pass out as well. • Be mindful of whom you are giving literature to. We do not want people throwing this stuff on the ground. We are responsible for our march route. We cannot have litter or anything damaged. The last march route was a tight squeeze, but I am going to push for a closed road this year. • Time and exact location are subject to change as we get closer to march and get approval. Please turn on your notifications and check back periodically. • Please keep this thread open for the march only: Questions, ideas, and suggestions. All other information should be directed to our fan page. Please check out:

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