Petitor Nude Beach - Torquay - Devon

 01 June
 Petitor Beach
  - - Torquay - United Kingdom
 DI Barry
Petitor is a traditionally tolerated naturist beach on the northern outskirts of Torquay, near St. Marychurch Golf Club. Getting There. By Train. Plymouth to Torquay via Newton Abbot. Access. Petitor is about 2 miles to Torquay and could be reached on foot from there. Alternatively walk to the end of Petitor Road and on down the long grassy slope. At the end turn left and continue down to the beach -It's a stiff trek down and back, unsuitable for those with walking difficulties. As an alternative, it may be possible to walk around the headland from Oddicombe Beach to the south, where the cliff railway aids access. Note: the usual warnings about danger from high tides and possible cliff falls apply. Description. Is in a cove and consists of a mixture of pebbles and some sand, scattered with larger rocks. It has a strong local following - Which can make it a bit cliquey - A report described the regulars as “Fiercely Defensive” of their “Rules”. For example - There is an etiquette that governs who goes where: single men to the left, ladies, couples and families to the right. The beach is overlooked from the cliff above, which has at times lead to a problem with “Gawkers” or “Spotters”. Facilities. Everything you could want and more may be obtained in Torquay.

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