Perennial Plant Sale

 16 May
 2079 South Point Comfort Road, Oshkosh, WI 54902
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 Victoria Vandenberg
This sale will feature over 900 plants. You will be able to shop from more than 125 different types of shade and sun perennials in addition to a few annuals, grasses and shrubs. Plants for shade include bleeding heart (traditional pink and the more rare white), brunnera, checkered guinea hens, hellebores, Mayapple, wild ginger, red baneberry, blue cohosh, jack-in-the-pulpit, hellebore, yellow corydalis, forget-me-nots, Virginia Bluebells, ferns and different types of pulmonaria. Hostas in a variety of sizes and colors will be available. Large hostas include Sun Power, Sagae and Krossa Regal. Medium size hostas such as Yellow Splash Rim, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Grandiflora, Blue Whirls and Moonlight will be offered alongside of smaller hostas like Emerald Tiara, Stiletto, Feather Boa, Little Wonder and Silver Lance to name a few. Plants for sun include coral bells, 10+ different types of daylily (variety of sizes, colors, and bloom times), rudbeckia nitida, nepeta, purple coneflowers, perennial geraniums and plume poppy. Unusual offerings include 2 types of oenothera, pink gas plants, prairie smoke, lychnis flos (Ragged Robin), Painter's Palette, iris cristata, yellow wax-bells (kirengeshoma palmate), heirloom grape-scented dark purple bearded iris, white Siberian iris, many colors of Hen and Chicks, and a variety upright sedums including Lajos, Autumn Fire and a yellow/green variegated form. A large variety of phlox will be available this year. White, different shades of pink and a dazzling dark pink make up the phlox offerings together with named varieties such as Junior Dance, Little Boy and Anja. Some unusual annuals such as Chinese forget-me-nots, red cannas, Pink cactus dahlias, double rose dahlias, and Grandpa Ott's morning glories will be available. A number of grasses including Tuberous (Bulbous) Oat Grass, Molina ‘Windspiel”, Calamagrostis stricta ‘Karl Foerster’ and Carex Oehme will be offered. All plants were grown on site and are totally hardy. Prices are reasonable. The garden will be open to rummage sale attendees. Boxes will be on site for customer to use for carrying their selections though it would be appreciated if you were to bring your own containers. As always, the money from the sale goes to the support of Hands of Hope orphanage in Kitale, Kenya and to help 5 children in Uganda whose parents died of AIDS receive an education. New this year is the “adoption” of 87 year old Grandma Joyce who lives with 11 of her grandchildren all of whom have lost their parents to AIDS. All aid is sent through ChristAid, Intl. which is located in Colorado.

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