PEPE - Free parenting education is now available in Warkworth

 05 June
 Warkworth’s Women Centre 10 Morpeth Street Warkworth
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 Rodney Plunket
PEPE - Free parenting education is now available in Warkworth. The your growing baby (6 weeks to 7 months) course will be running Fridays 12pm-2.30pm on: June 5th, June 12th, June 19th, June 26, and July 3rd. Location: Warkworth’s Women Centre 10 Morpeth Street Warkworth Your Growing Baby is a 5 consecutive week course for parents and caregivers of babies aged between 6 weeks to approximately 7 months. The course is run during the day and you are welcome to attend with your baby. Each session is approximately 2 hours in length and topics covered include positive parenting, supporting early learning, physical and social development, baby’s nutritional needs, safety, sleep, building a relationship with baby and maintaining mums and dads own health, wellbeing and relationships. Here is some more information about PEPE: PEPE offers an opportunity for parents and whānau to meet, share ideas, enhance parenting strengths and knowledge and make connections with other families in their communities. Parents join others from their community to explore and share their experiences, attitudes and feelings and make informed decisions about parenting that are right for each of them. The courses are run in small groups (6-8 people) to ensure parents’ needs are met and that a warm and inviting environment is set so group members feel they can participate. Although there is a framework of topics for each course, parents direct the content to that which is most relevant to their situation. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER Please contact PEPE Coordinator Emilie Timmermans, phone 09 4760705 /

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