People Purpose Passion

 21 May
 Hilton Hotel Promanade Blackpool..£5
  - - -
 Pete Connelly
A revealing Journey of Hope, working with and on limiting self beliefs, the inner thoughts that have stunted growth and progress in the past. It is often said “You will never rise above the image you have of yourself in your own mind” To often we focus on our faults, weakness, past mistakes and failures, rejection and other painful experiences. These thoughts all robbing us of self esteem leaving feelings of insecurity, low self worth and crippling fear. This will be for those who seek to renew, reinvent, reinvigorate, and relaunch them selves on life. People that are determined to make the changes which turn a corner in their lives and move in to a PROSPERITY mind set, waving goodbye to mediocrity and embracing the idea of abundance in all areas of their lives today.

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