Pennington Flash pleasure ride

 24 May
 Pennington Flash Country park
 Pennington Flash Country Park, Off St Helens Road - WN7 3PA - Leigh - United Kingdom
 The British Horse Society - Manchester
BHS Access Week is devoted to the awareness of equine access. In 2000, the Countryside and Rights of Way Act was introduced. Section 53 of the Act provides for a ‘cut-off date’ in 2026, which means that routes used by riders and carriage drivers before 1949 will be extinguished if they are not formally recorded as bridleway or byway. The ride is a five mile or ten-mile route (repeating the five-mile route twice), mostly off-road on bridleways with a small section of road which is the car park entrance. These bridleways are surrounded by the country park and will be shared with the other users so please bear this in mind on the day. This route is special as it includes the new canal towpath running alongside the canal allowing you to enjoy the view over the flash, a completely flat route with a well-surfaced wide path. There are a number of metal horse styles, a ‘bridge’ with high sides, a children’s park and the path does run alongside a section of road which is tree-lined and fenced. This route makes the most of the bridleways and view from the country park and flash. Please send completed entry forms to Terrin Turner, 87 Bexhill Drive, Leigh, Lancashire WN7 5TQ. Rules can be found on the entry form. Please note this will be the same route as the 2014 ride. Includes free parking for full day and rosette for every rider! Cost: BHS member - £13. BHS non-member (adult) - £13 (must have third party liability insurance). The ride is during BHS access week and all proceeds raised will go towards BHS access.

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