Pennies for Portage

 19 May
 5330 W. Berteau
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 Portage Park Helping Hands
The 3RD Tuesday of every month Bring your spare change on these days: • September 16 • October 21 • November 18 • January 20 • February 17 • March 24 • April 28 • May 19 At the end of the year, the class with the highest amount of change donated will win a dance party in their classroom. TEACHERS: In November, March & May, the teacher with the classroom with the highest amount of change collected up to that month will receive a $150 gift for classroom supplies. 3 chances to win!!! ______________________________________________________________________________________ BIG money can hide in the smallest of places. Check under your sofa cushions, the bottom of your purse and your car’s cup holders! Your family’s spare change can help bring BIG change and help fund healthy school initiative with our Athletics Department & recess program! _______________________________________________________________________________________ If you have any ideas—big or small—on how to raise money for Portage Park School contact us at

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