Pelvic Heart Integration Level 1 Activation Portland Oregon

 22 May
 Portland, OR, United States
  - 97086-97299 - -
 Gwenn Cody
Are you ready to bring a deeper level of consciousness and integration to your life? To find the inner harmony that fuels more satisfying love relationships? Give yourself a Memorial Day weekend that will truly be memorable! Pelvic-Heart Integration (PHI) is a profound system for understanding and harmonizing the whole person. It increases our awareness of and gives us tools for healing everything from our ancestral lineage and the developmental issues of childhood to the physical, emotional, interpersonal and sexual issues confronting us as evolving humans. In the Level 1 Activation we cover the Four Genders, learn the Four Part Breath Cycle, and explore the Parental Triangle that lies at the foundation of our programming. This unique and powerful synthesis of neo-Reichian breathwork, bodywork, energy work, psychodrama, trauma work, body reading and Tantra was developed by pioneering philosopher and bodyworker Dr. Jack Painter to demystify the process of transformation. It offers a practical, fun, experiential way for us to realize how our bodies hold both yin and yang energy and to harmonize both sides. By focusing our attention on the dynamics of the core duality of male and female within our own bodies, we give ourselves leverage to find unity and experience freedom from the past. We also discover how to release the characteristic breathing patterns, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and body amour that block the free flow of our life force and inhibit our capacity for sensual pleasure and orgasmic release. This workshop is open to both singles and partners of any gender or sexual orientation. For further information on the content and whether this group is suitable for you contact Deborah at or Gwenn at Cost: $450 before 3/21, $495 after See website for more details Register online at or or Deborah Taj Anapol, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology is the author of several books and has led seminars and coaching on conscious relating, tantra and sexual healing for over 30 years. She brings a rare integration of many streams of Eastern and Western wisdom to her work. She worked with Jack Painter who created PHI for 7 years and is now teaching her own style of this powerful healing modality. Gwenn Cody, MSW, CET, CTE is a psychotherapist and facilitator in private practice. After 25 years as a therapist and healer, Gwenn is still deeply inspired by the beauty and passion within us and the process of bringing more authenticity to life. She has extensive education and experience in traditional and somatic psychotherapy, numerous body-mind therapies, mindfulness, Tantra and sexuality studies, Eastern spiritual traditions, work with sexual minorities, and relationship work with couples, dyads, triads and other relationship structures. She has facilitated many workshops on sexuality, tantra, and personal growth. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING!! "The workshop was so much more than I ever expected. Opening up around my parental issues was so valuable and I really do have new voices in my head. I appreciate all I've ever received from you." —Love, Steve "The heart armor I've had since my wife's death really did melt away during your weeklong retreat and a new life of joy has begun. Grief is receding and I feel totally open to love." —Thank You, Norm "I really didn't understand how much I had learned and changed at your workshop until I had some time to process it on the trip back home. The fear and panic I had around making choices was overwhelming and now it's gone." —Thanks again, Jay "Your workshop opened me wide in heart and spirit and sexuality! Your facilitation is both gentle and powerful, grounded, and community oriented. Best of all, I've made lifelong friends through your groups. I consider your work the best around!" —Love, Cin

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