Patton Night

 16 May
 Patton Ave.
  - 28801 - Asheville - United States
 Brent Scott
Okay everyone its time to get Patton back going, this means time for all you car enthusiasts, ricers, car whores and idiots to come out and have fun. COPS don't mind as long as your not being a jackass. This will be an old school type, not just in parking lots but cruising as well. Start at Denny's and cruise up to BK and back down, your choice of a U-Turn between any of those sections. Keep it calm on the street and in parking lots. After this weekend continue coming back each weekend after till we get a steady Friday and Saturday night going. Let's goooo Brainchild at it again Sir, hope you cops still have facebooks if so feel free to add me.

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