Patient Rally

 16 May
 The Healthy Element
 430 Carpenter Rd SE Suite A - 98503 - Lacey - United States
 Gina Garcia
Hello Everyone, Apparently we have one shop being bullied by a rec store that violates LCB rules . Its bad enough they took our meds but now to treat patients poorly by bullying them is not acceptable. Come wearing your cannabis patient tshirts, signs etc. If you are in a wheel chair or canes this is good. We want a video showing how right across the culdesac is a Rec Store,...We want the Public to see our signs too not just the signs of the girl walking the streets with her sign. Lets make the public aware we are not happy and we are many. Many people are not aware what has happened and when they hear it they are in shock that this happened.. The Public DOES NOT know what Happened, They think its all great! THe media is not giving us the attention we deserve. We are going to become our own media. If you can do film editing, Please let us know ;) Thanks... we will be posting these videos so if you cant be viewed on video let us know. The meeting Spot will be infront of the Healthy Element ..they are NOT putting this on .. The People are!

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