Partner Acro at Wyandotte Martial Arts and Fitness Club

 30 May
 Wyandotte Martial Arts and Fitness Club
 524 Oak St - 48192 - Wyandotte - United States
 Veronica Carey
The Detroit Flyhouse is excited to be offering workshops Downriver! This is an all-level, open workshop for everyone interested in learning more about Partner Acrobatics and Partner Balancing. In Acro, we play with good alignment and momentum to let the “base” balance and move a partner (flyer). Everyone can participate to their own comfort level. New students will learn the basics and experienced students will work on more challenging poses and transitions. There is ample time to practice what you learn. It’s a low-stress, safe, and fun environment to improve fitness, balance, and communication. You do not need a partner or any special skills to enjoy it! We will begin with warm-up exercises and progress through basic poses that are just begging to be linked together in interesting ways! It is a fun, light-hearted approach to fitness and wellness. Wear comfortable clothing - you might get turned upside down! Please avoid heavy lotions and scents, natural or otherwise. We love you, we just might not want to smell like you all day! Saturday March 21st 12:00pm-2:00pm $15 per person ($10 for current students) - CASH only at studio, please Wyandotte Martial Arts and Fitness Studio, 524 Oak Street at 5th, Wyandotte 48192 **Please go through the alley behind the building to find the parking lot! ** Weekly classes are held at the Detroit Flyhouse Circus School.

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