✶ PAN-AMAFROPEANS PA2905 w/ Funky Bompa (22TRACKS BE) & Pål/Secam (NL/FR) ✫

 29 May
 TT Neveritaweg 59 - 1033 WB - Amsterdam - Netherlands
░ ✫ PAN-AMAFROPEANS ✶ ░ ...‘does you BETTER!!!’ (1oo% pur dhaga)... ☞ Pan-amawhateva musical party: New remedy!!! Forget da yoga, jiu-jitsyou & funny stuffs of the kind.. PAN-AMAFROPEANS gives better results garantie! Makes resistance to DANCE very hard, CONNECTS bodies to BODIES, stops night motionless & nippyness! ☞ ingrediants*: ㊿% FUNKY BOMPA (22TRACKS filtered) (BE) ㊿% PÅL/SECAM (double_pickled) (NL/FR) *Contains full traces of: afrolectrics - limo-disco - furious funk - ancient hip hop - latin fever - sacred soul - rubadub - torpid bass ☞ instructions: Take full dose for REAL TRUE EFFECTS* and surprise defects. *can include eye rolling, frightful smiling & sweat drippin ☞ recommendations: Bring much friendly fellows, physical closeness helps propagation and enhances effects! ⚠ caution: Product with highest concentrations of fine fun and good stuffs. If allergic to feelings of well being, ‘no tomorrow’ dancing and crowds of sweaty.. keep away from far, don’t touch, even with any stick! =============== ▨ Funky Bompa (Bompa discos / 22tracks (BE) One of Belgium's most dedicated DJs to all things funky, soulful and tropical! Better known here for his fine Tropical playlist on 22tracks Brussels, this worldwide digger and relentless groove conveyor is also founder and resident of Brussels' notorious Tropical parties in Soul Inn, the city's new hotspot! Amid furious funk and hot afro-latin swingers, expect some of his fine tailored 'Bompa Discos' edits, cut to rumble and shake the dance floor! funkybompa.com 22tracks.com/bru/tropical/61325 ▧ PÅL/SECAM (double_pickled) (NL/FR) Pål/Secam love to share their true love.. the one for music! A boundless polygamous love, completely unfaithful, that jumps from one partner to another or takes them all on together... Expect grooves born from interracial, crossbred and bastard unions; where hip hops in bed with wave, disco funks afrobeat up, house goes down on boogie and bass bangs cumbia! They make it smooth, but also tough, make it sweet and sometimes rough.. However way, they make it Love! soundcloud.com/paletsecam =============== Entrance: frree!! (100% NO refund guarantee) facebook.com/paletsecam pllek.nl/pllek-agenda/panamafropeans_29_mei

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