Palestine supporters Eurovision party (fundraiser for Marxism costs)

 22 May
 158 Sydney Road, Coburg, Victoria, Australia 3058
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 Under the Hammer - Activist Arts Hub
Eurovision is around the corner. The bizarre, glitzy, phenomenon that is the Eurovision song contest has taken a slightly more explicitly political bent this year, with Hungary's song Wars for Nothing mentioning Israel's bombing of Gaza. The lyrics “2014 – Gaza – Two-thirds of the victims were civilians, including over 500 children,” have sparked calls by Israel to ban the song and sparked flashmobs singing it around Europe. To mark this crazy phenomenon, Palestine activists who are getting behind the Hungarian entry will be gathering on the evening of May 22 to watch Eurovision, drink, eat and generally celebrate. By that stage the live events for the 1st semi-final (with Hungary) and the 2nd semi-final (with Israel) will have concluded (early mornings Australian time) and we'll be screening highlights from both semi-finals. Come along, feel free to cheer and hiss or just ignore the screen entirely. Proceeds from the evening will be used to help pay several thousand dollars insurance excess that a comrade incurred during Marxism 2015 after some equipment was damaged.

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