12 June
 Rose of Sharon Flowers & Gifts
 101 Pleasant St - 01827-1716 - Dunstable - United States
 Markus + Leslie Lewis
ROSE OF SHARON AT BLOSSOM HILL is hosting this painting party!! We LOVE this fabulous shop! Come early to browse the fabulous flowers and gifts!! Choose a favorite flower to add to the hedges that the girl on a wire is balancing over!! Be creative! Go rogue or follow our lead!! "Girl On A Wire" is a whimsical scene, bringing back memories of garden mazes and childhood reads of Alice in Wonderland. Paint this soft version with us, yet feel free to add your own memories to the painting you create! ROSE OF SHARON BLOSSOM HILL 101 PLEASANT STREET DUNSTABLE MASS ____________________________ We have been working as artists for the past 30 years together, and we want to invite you to join us at any of the locations we choose to paint at! You don't need to have had any experience with art at all...just come! We know you will find painting to be a great way to unwind and shake off all the stress that has been piling up on you! Give it a try! Tickets are $35. That includes everything you need, and you'll go home with a 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas that YOU painted!!! We also offer to bring these canvas painting parties right to you! This option is spectacular because it's the same price, you get to paint with only people YOU choose, YOU can decide to host with whatever food and drink YOU want, we bring the art to YOU, help entertain YOUR guests, then get out of your way!!!! You are left with happy guest that have a painting they did, with plenty to talk about for the rest of the evening! You party is sure to be a success! 978-250-1856

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