OWA Spring Hybrid Club Weightlifting Competition @Laurentian

 31 May
 LU gym
  - - -
 Thomas Hums
Sunday May 31 at the Laurentian Weightroom Hybrid Club Competitions are open to athletes of any age and teams of any size. WE NEED TO KNOW WHO IS INTERESTED/ REGISTERING BY FRIDAY MAY22 $25 ENTRY FEE (This covers sanction fee, athlete fee, registration) MUST BE AN OWA MEMBER TO POST TOTAL TO SUBMIT *new lifters may participate for experience ( but must be members of a weightlifting club) Weigh in will begin at 9am. Athlete presentation at 10am. Lifting begins 10mins after athlete presentation. Registration forms can be downloaded from the Voyageur Weightlifting group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1392946654284977/1599328540313453/ (or email Thomas Hums on facebook, or tomhums@hotmail.com and he will send it to you. Please email all registration forms to tomhums@hotmail.com $25 entry fee due at weigh in.

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