Outdoor Cinema Fringe Party - BRADFORD

 12 June
 Independent Quarter Bradford
 North Parade/Westgate/John Street - BD1 - City of Bradford - United Kingdom
 Andy Abbott
Some of you may not have been invited to the Outdoor Cinema event in Bradford on June 12th. This might be because of a recent transgression that's ostracised you from your local community, or an awful personality trait you aren't full aware of, or perhaps you committed some terrible crime in a past life and now karmic retribution has caught up with you. Whatever the reason, join me and any other of society's least wanted for a consolation ale at a venue TBC on North Parade where we'll ponder where it all went wrong and conclude that actually we're probably just too cool for that sort of thing and wouldn't have gone anyway cos I've seen that film about 800 times m8 and got it at home on laserdisc.

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