Out of Bounds Comedy in West Malling with Ninia Benjamin

 29 May
 Out Of Bounds Comedy @ The Wheatsheaf - West Malling
  - ME19 5AT - West Malling - United Kingdom
 Richard Minnis
More amazing comedy in West Malling. Our MC this month is Danny Ward. He will introduce our opening act, George Egg, Wildly brandishing the worlds' second largest briefcase containing a battery of ridiculous props. Then in the middle we have Danny Hurst and a short spot from Ben Clover. Finally we have our superb Headline Act NINIA BENJAMIN making a very welcome return to The Wheatsheaf. Ninia has made many TV appearances over the years. SEATING IS LIMITED AT THIS VENUE AND MUST BE RESERVED. PLEASE CALL RICHARD ON 07976 637804 TO CONFIRM SEATS ARE AVAILABLE. IF YOU DO NOT CONFIRM THEN YOU MAY BE IN THE STANDING AREA WHICH IS NICELY LOCATED BY THE BAR. DON'T MISS OUT ON OUR FOOD DEAL WITH 'THE MOODY MARE' (FORMERLY Beeches Country Pub and Dining) ON SEVEN MILE LANE. Just visit The Moody Mare at any time and quote Out of Bounds Comedy to receive a 20% discount on your food. This is available early on Fridays when the comedy is on at the Wheatsheaf, but can be used at any time.

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