Our house is looking for a new roommate!

 01 June
 columbia city
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 Daniel Alexander
Hey friends, our house is looking for a new roomie! We have a room opening up here in June and are looking for a rad person to move in. The room: the room is pretty rad, its got a window that looks out on our cute front yard, and has a good sized closet and extra storage space in little cubbies above the closet. its $480/month with a $450 deposit and last months rent. The house: the house is also rad, its a split level 4 bedroom, with a big downstairs livingroom/practice space. theres a covered carport and back patio and a pretty big but way underused backyard in addition to the super cute aformentioned front yard. weve got two cats and arent looking for any more pets right now. we are a five minute drive to seward park and easy walking distance to the PCC around here. the roomies: there are 3 of us now and you would be the fourth. folks play music and make art and chill and ride bikes and make food, and all of those things occasionally happen in the house too. everyone works a lot and weird hours but we do happen to see eachother at random and unexpected sweet times. because of those weird hours we try to be pretty conscious of everyones sleep times and things are generally pretty mellow around the house. we have a loose chore system thats mostly intuitive and low key. ask us more questions! tell us about you! hit us up if youre interested or have friends

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