Our Family Needs Justice For Noel Aguilar!!

 26 May
  - - -
 Maryy Herrera
Noel Aguilar was shot and killed on the morning of Monday May 26, 2014 "MEMORIAL DAY".. Noel Aguilar was murdered by Los Angeles County Sheriffs Deputies, in the city of Long Beach (outside of their jurisdiction). According to several eyewitness accounts, Noel was in handcuffs at the time he was shot, executed by a deputy in a homicidal rage. Noel's family and friends immediately rose up to protest his killing, which came a year after (and in the same neighborhood as) the extrajudicial murder of his best friend, Jesse Delgadillo, April 28, 2013, by the LBPD. This community is preyed upon by two of the most lethal manifestations of police terror in L.A. County, the LBPD and the LASD. Two friends who grew up together were each stolen from the arms of their families by these two criminalized law enforcement agencies. Noel and Jesse will forever be connected in our struggle, and THEIR PEOPLE ARE OUR PEOPLE. Please come out and extend your compassion, determination, and SOLIDARITY with these courageous families and friends, as they fight for their loved ones legacies. these thrill killers with badges arent going to stop hunting our loved ones until we all STAND TOGETHER AND SPEAK TOGETHER. all for one, and one for all. we are their PREY NO MORE. Noel was shot multiple times striking him On the back of his, back of mid chest as well as other parts of his body. Aguilar was denied help no Ambulance was called to assist Noel.. As he was dying he pleaded for help saying "HELP ME!! IM DYING, MY DAUGHTER'S PLEASE!!! but he's pleads where completely ignored.. At time of Noel's murdered he was a happy man expecting his second daughter, but unfortunately he's right of being able to meet his new daughter was denied. Now he's daughter is 8 months old and she's claiming Justice For Her daddy Noel Aguilar. We are Noel Aguilar's voice now we Wan t Justice.. Our Family needs JUSTICE FOR NOEL AGUILAR!! #KillerCopsOffOurStreets

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