OSU Holi

 16 May
 Grass Area near McNary Hall, Oregon State University
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 Osu Isa
"On the outside we are all of different colors, but on the inside we are a festival of colors" ISA, The Retreat and Alpha Sigma Phi will like to welcome you to come and celebrate the most colorful festival of the year with the Indian Students Association! Holi is festival of colors and it signifies a day to get rid of past errors, to learn to forgive and forget. It is customary to wear white when playing Holi, but wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty! ******************************************************* - OSU Indian Student Association will be providing a BUNCH of colored powder straight from India, but it runs out fast - so be there on time! -We will have loads of water, so bring your water toys! -Get ready to be submersed in color, powder and BOLLYWOOD MUSIC! - If you enjoy the color run, HOLI is all the fun without the RUN! Activities will be : 1) Bucket pong; winning team dumps water on losing team) 2) Hand painting (just requires sheets of paper) and people use their already colored hands to paint and write a message or just paint. 3) Tag team color off. (A team of 3-4 players holding hands have to color the other team without letting go of their hands within a certain time limit) AND MORE!!!!! Holi powder pricing: 1 packet - $2 or 3 packets - $5 *cash only The location of the event is the grass fields on East campus, by McNary Dining Hall. Hope to see you there!

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