20 May
 the shop (ask)
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 Ccolin Fferguson
OSTRACA - formerly KILGORE TROUT, insane harsh ripping but way heavy emoviolence destruction sensation honking maniacal prestigious sarcastic bildungsroman archaism mural future semantic tshirt rock cinderblock leghair forensic mutual coffee cup http://www.missthestars.com/ostraca-deathless-album-stream/ QUEEQUEG - leaving a small stream running from your sink and bathtub to avoid the pipes bursting like the realization of your mortality erupting from your psyche and slurping on the floor like excrement and cream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbbS21jhS4A FOUND FOOTAGE - swampy darkness melodic trembling steady pacing intensity churn for creatures and objects, off kilter and creeping behind https://foundfootageokc.bandcamp.com/ 5 bucks / no excuses / show at 8 / respect / ennui

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 15 December, Thursday