OSM Knife and Tomahawk Throwers Academy Boot Camp 4 Spring 2015

 16 May
 OSM Knife and Tomahawk Throwers Academy Windsor MA
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 Michael Gross
Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Boot Camp – Spring 2015 This Boot Camp will cover all basic aspects of Knife and Tomahawk throwing. Safety-We will cover all areas of range safety and the handling of thrown weapons. Knife and Tomahawk Selection- We will cover basic principles of the proper weight, length, style and customization of production and custom knives and hawks. Target making- We will demonstrate the building of a portable target stand. Set up and disassembly. Materials list will be provided. Knife and Tomahawk throwing basics- We will cover grip, stance, form and motion, release and follow through principles. We will explain in depth the proper adjustment to make sure your weapon sticks every time. Tomahawk Obstacle Course- Throwers will compete in a timed tomahawk throwing obstacle course. Instructor Mike Gross Certified Master Thrown Weapons Instructor- IKTHOF Fee: $65.00 If registered by April 16, 2014, $75.00 If registered after April 16, 2015 Checks payable to: One Sharp Marriage PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, REGISTRATION DEADLINE May 5, 2014 Checks can be mailed to: One Sharp Marriage PO Box 94, Dalton Ma 01227 Mike Gross Chief Instructor and founder “OSM” Knife and Tomahawk Throwers Academy -Professional Knife and Tomahawk Thrower, Master Thrown Weapons Instructor and Co-founder of the stage act One Sharp Marriage along with his wife “The Amazing Rosa”. -Certified Expert Knife Thrower IKTHOF -Certified Master Thrown Weapons instructor IKTHOF -Former Champion and World Ranked Competition thrower on the Pro Tour. -National Champion Knife 2009 IKTHOF-NJ -National Champion Tomahawk 2009 IKTHOF-NJ -Mountain Man Event 1st Place Overall 2009 IKTHOF-NJ (triple crown) -National Champion Tomahawk 2010 NE-AKTA -Grand Champion/National Champion Knife/Tomahawk 2011 NE-AKTA (former tournament record holder for knife high score and combined knife and hawk high score) -Mountain Man Event 1st Place Overall 2012 IKTHOF-MA -Inducted into the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame (IKTHOF) Austin TX in 2012 -Named “Impalement Artist of the Year IKTHOF World Champion” 2012 -2012 Along with Mike Bainton TX and Rich Sunderland UK, became the third thrower in knife throwing history to throw an official IKTHOF score of over 260. -Thrown weapons fighting system developer. -Martial Arts/Self Defense trained under Grand Master Walt Lysak Jr. (Lyasks MMA Springfield MA) Mike and Rosa Gross – One Sharp Marriage Professional Knife Throwers Bio Rosa was born in Postellesio Italy and moved to America when she was a young girl. Mike grew up in Brooklyn NY and moved to Massachusetts as a young boy. They have been married 25 years, have raised 3 children, now grown, and have 9 granchildren! The grandkids are always encouraged to throw knives and tomahawks, and do! Mike and Rosa live in Windsor Massachusetts and with their knife throwing act try to promote Trust, Love and Forgiveness, as being the key to a successful relationship. Mike and Rosa have been entertaining audiences of all ages since 2001 with Knife Throwing, Crossbow Shooting, Bullwhip Cracking, and the Blowgun, performing as "One Sharp Marriage". In 2008, Mike and Rosa were inducted into the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame located in Austin Texas. They were also named "Outstanding New Performers of the Year by the IKTHOF that same year. In 2010 and again in 2011 they were named Knife Throwing Ambassadors of the Year by the IKTHOF. In 2011, Rosa was named “Target Girl of the Year and Female Performer of the Year”. Mike was Inducted into the Hall of Fame in November of 2012, and named IKTHOF World Champion Impalement Artist of the Year. They perform throughout the year at Fairs, Parties, Corprate Events and Church functions. They also compete in Knife, Tomahawk, Mountain Man, Bullwhip, Atlatl, and Blowgun competitions throughout the year. In addition, Mike and Rosa are in high demand as instructors for seminars and demonstrations. Mike and Rosa have performed 3 stunts that have never been done before. The Inverted Wheel of Death, The Tomahawk Catch, and The inverted Crossbow Shot around a human target! Mike and Rosa’s unusual flair for performing death defying stunts are what sets them apart.

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