Oslo, Norway - The Future of Wellbeing

 08 June
 Storgaten 21- 23 - 0184 - Oslo - Norway
 Deepak Chopra
Oslo, Norway June 8, 2014 "The Future of Wellbeing" * Are we in the middle of a larger shift in science? * Is the ultimate reality? * Do we have the ability to influence the universe evolution? * Is the next step in human evolution conscious evolution? * How does our understanding of consciousness also our ability to complete wellness (physical, emotional, social, societal, economic and ecological)? Can consciousness potential reinforce our ability to intuition, to make choices, healing and awakening of properties such as non-local communication. Deepak Chopra will be in Oslo! Deepak Chopra will also share practical tools for experiencing higher consciousness, transformation and healing. Each insights from his current book The Battle for God, which comes on Norwegian in June. After the lecture there will be book signing with Deepak Chopra!

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