ORPHAN BOY + special guests (COASTAL TONES / album tour)

 30 May
 Café INDIEpendent
 169-173 High Street - DN15 6EH - Scunthorpe - United Kingdom
 Darren Lappin
Tacheless promotions present ... Orphan Boy are Manchester émigrés, who are originally from Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire. Their names are Rob Cross, Paul Smith, Chris Day, and more recent Orphan addition Sam Carlton. They moved there because there was nothing to do and because they were bored. They made music that they declared ‘council pop’. Their live shows soon attracted a rabid following, who remain loyal to this day. Rob notes: “People go crazy at the shows: throwing themselves onstage, stage invasions… I can’t remember the last time we completely finished a set. It’s mental, the stage invasions have become part of the show, we’ve had people strip naked and jump onstage”, “We have great fans, it’s always really good natured and everyone’s just there for a good time”. One of Orphan Boys’ main strengths is Rob’s song writing. He’s a true lyrical genius - take the lead single from their last album Passion Pain and Loyalty; ‘Pop Song’, with its cyclical three note riff and tumbling drums, and a terrace anthem feel. There is a spirit that is propelling Orphan Boy forward. They have fought against financial adversity and what they perceive as indifference, to emerge from the rubble. Orphan Boy are a truly special British band – a band who have figured out exactly who they are and what they’re about. Orphan Boy are quite possibly the best band that you’ve never heard. With acclaimed slots from top festivals including Glastonbury and Kendal Calling, the Orphans supported The Enemy, at Manchester Academy in October 2012. Picture a thousand new devotees singing along to the criminally underrated and poignant ‘Some Frontier’, a true anthem to those that give the most, and the families they leave behind. Support bands don’t normally get asked to do encores, but the Manchester crowd demanded one. They followed this with more sold out shows culminating in more support slots, this time Babyshambles in 2013, where they picked up more new followers, winning over what is usually a notoriously partisan crowd. Following this they were then asked to be main support on the more recent The Enemy tour, which embarked in the summer of 2014. Since then, Orphan Boy have locked themselves away writing and demoing songs but now they are back with their third album ‘Coastal Tones’ - due for release in April 2015. Their fan-base are thirsty and eager for the return and the album previews have received feedback of the highest acclaim – 2015 is the ‘year of the Orphan’ and what a year it is already shaping up to be! • “Coastal Tones’ – Album release : May 2015

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