Oregon’s Hidden Gem: Discovering the Largest Glacial Cave System in the Lower 48 with Brent McGregor

 20 May
 Salem Public Library (Salem, OR)
 585 Liberty St SE - 97301 - Salem - United States
 Straub Environmental Center
Leading a team of explorers and scientists on two expeditions to Mt. Hood’s Sandy glacier, Brent McGregor and Eddy Cartaya successfully organized teams to survey and map over a mile of cave passage beneath the Sandy Glacier and collect samples of rock, soil, water, ice, and tree sprouts during this rare window of opportunity to study a glacier from the inside instead of the more conventional surface studies. Brent feels he’s one of the lucky ones. He has somehow managed to earn a living doing the things he loves to do. One of his goals in life has been to live at a basic simple level in a complex world. At 18 he hitch hiked across the US, into Canada and Mexico. He spent ten years living without power preferring the remote areas of the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. In his early 20’s, and before guidebooks were available, he solo canoed a good part of the Canadian coast into Alaska. He spent one winter snowbound on the Canadian Border of Glacier Park perfecting the art of Indian Brain Tanned buckskin. Brent spent a year in Alaska living in a tipi and running sled dogs, a lifestyle unseen for a the last century except for a few hardy individuals. Working in the timber trade, Brent took on logging jobs across the West, built a dozen log homes, and then decided to start up a business, Rocky Mountain Timber Products, as a rustic wood worker. His profile as a wood artist can be found in many books, magazines and TV interviews. He has built a wide variety of furnishings for clients throughout the world: www.rockymountaintimberproducts.com. Brent’s interest in photography came later in life. So did a love for mountaineering and caving. Combining the three created a perfect niche for Brent. Exploring year round has resulted in a large archive of high quality images. Many are of places never before visited by modern man.

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