Orchestrating Energy – Sunday Seminar May 24th – Euston/Kings Cross with Rebirthing Breathwork. 12noon – 8pm £70/50

 24 May
  The Lecture Room : The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT
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 URBAN Lifeclass Coaching
In the creative world it’s easy to be dominated by other peoples controlling energy, or outside of this sphere, like in an office, the same over-powering tactics can often operate. The Line Manager, Director of a Production, or a Publishing House can easily crumble your esteem, confidence and creative thrust with a snarl, rejection or put-down when you know you are doing your best. It can feel personal. Some of us enter these arenas with sub-conscious battle on our hands, reminding us how we survived family or education in order to live, survive or just about make it. Someone close to you will often reverberate the journey you have survived. If you had to shout to get heard growing up, for example, you may still shout to get your point across ( or your boss may just do this to you ). What we learn in functional relationships is that bounderies have a place and that instead of manipulation to control others energy, we need to take responsibility for our own energy spaces and learn to respond safely and clearly instead of silence or an inappropriate rancid rant. Learning to exercise emotional restraint certainly heals the present, no point in clearing up past mess if you are still dumping like a child. This is why Urban LIFECLASS Seminars always focuses on Codependency Release and ends with an energy-releasing I hour BREATHWORK SESSION.

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