Operation SHAME!!! (Stop Hurting Animals & Making Excuses)

 30 May
 South Carolina State House
 Gervais St - 29201 - Columbia - United States
 Travis Garner
Are you against animal abuse? So are the rest of us! It shouldn't matter what you believe or don't believe in, who you support, don't support, what group/groups you belong to. What matters most is that abuse and cruelty towards any animal should STOP in South Carolina! We're better than that and as citizens, we should make that known to the rest of the world. What would it take to convince those that are undecided, to join us? Perhaps YOU can be that deciding factor! Our state is 45th in the Nation for Animal Protection laws Animal Legal Defense Fund /HSUS, 2014 State Rankings). We are also number 2 in the Nation for Domestic Violence (Safe Harbor SC). These are SHAMEful statistics! ALDF reports that those who commit Animal Abuse, are 5x more likely to harm humans as well. The Senate & the House both have legislation to help address Domestic Violence, this much needed reform is definitely a step in the right direction. In doing so though, let us not forget the LINK between Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse. Let's tell lawmakers to close this GAP and quit Turning a Blind Eye, to what is obvious! Vote for S.H.A.M.E. !

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