Operation: Little Sunrise. Hosted by 3rd group 1stSFAOC.

 24 May
 Ruidoso, NM, United States
  - 88345, 88355 - -
 Brian Landreth
In the aftermath of a fifteen year Saudi-Iran War the world finds itself economically crippled as the largest suppliers of oil attempt to recover. After fighting to a bloody stalemate both Saudi Arabia and Iran agree to peace and talks of a new economic partnership arise. The terms of the new Saudi-Iran Pact would unify both nations under the oil trade and begin disarmament of their militaries to prevent a second war. With the United Nations working as a mediator the region hopes to see a new era of peace and prosperity. For months the Saudi-Iran Pact makes significant progress until all communication from Tehran ceases. With panic beginning to spread and the Saudi military preparing for a possible outbreak of war, the U.N. conducts aerial reconnaissance in an attempt to better understand the situation. After a few days both aerial recon and inside sources verify that Iran has experience a military coup. A veteran of the Saudi-Iran War, General Ali Hassan and his forces have gone rogue and overthrown the Iranian government with a blitzkrieg war in Tehran. Fearing that General Ali Hassan may launch nuclear warheads at Saudi Arabia a task force made up of both Saudi Special Forces and Iranian troops still loyal to the pre-coup government attempt to establish a foothold in the Middle Alborz Mountains.

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