Operation Dien Bien Phu 2

 06 June
 The Jungle, Pigeon Lake Alberta
  - - -
 Justin Huxley
Date: June 6 2015. Or is it January 1968, No its June, ah January, June. Argh I am so confused. Location: The Jungle (by Pigeon Lake) Directions will follow at some point Game Start: Brief at 0830, into the field by 0900, game start shortly thereafter Game Finish: 1700. If enough players are willing to keep going this may run longer. Cost: 35$ One note before we move on to other things. Game start is 0830(8:30 am), ALL ALCOHOL OR DRUG USE IS NOT PERMITTED BEFORE OR DURING THE GAME AND WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISMISALL FROM THE FIELD WITH NO REFUND. SIMILARLY THESE ITEMS SHOULD NOT BE IN YOUR POSSESSION ON THE FIELD AND WILL ALSO RESULT IN DISMISSAL FROM THE FIELD. What happens after the game as everyone is standing around talking about that awesome shot they made or removing kit is none of our concern, but the use of mind altering substances(with the exception of my MASSIVE Pepsi addiction) before or during the game will not fly. And if you need to drink/smoke something at 8 in the morning to get yourself up for a game you have some serious issues and I don’t really want to be there with you. Also this is an 18+ game OK, on to more interesting topics. The following game post should be read while listening to one of the following musical selections: Paint It Black by the Stones(duh), Fortunate Son by CCR, We Gotta Get Outta This Place by the Animals, anything at all by Jane Fonda for the VC in our midst, or Crazy by Patsy Cline(anyone who gets this reference gets a gold star and 1500 bonus points that are redeemable for absolutely nothing at hundreds of convenient locations everywhere) Khe Sanh, Vietnam, January 1968 Regular NVA and Viet Cong forces have been amassing along the border in Laos as well as in the DMZ. There are no other real targets in the area to justify the 20,000 or so troops on the move other than the 6,000 or so Marines in and around Khe Sanh. This obviously is an attempt to recreate their success at Dien Bien Phu. The defeat of the French forces at that battle directly led to their withdrawal from Vietnam. American forces do not want to repeat the mistakes of the French(and who could blame them, white flags anybody???) Gameplay will be of a light to moderate milsim type. What that means is that everything you think you need should be brought out onto the field with you, but we wont make you carry it around all day. There wont be any breaks for lunch, snacktime, naptime, timeouts for passing cars etc(don’t be surprised if the admins are found sleeping in someones back seat, they get cranky when they don’t get to take a nap). Objectives all either gain you an advantage or cost you something, so its more about tactical thinking and strategy rather than being about capturing points on the field video game style or compiling an “I am so awesome” kill to death ratio. Ammo limits for all players will be 300 in a rifle, 1200 in a MG(do I really need to tell you an MP5 with a drum mag is not a machine gun?). Side arms are limited to no more than 4 mags, and grenades and explosive rounds are limited to how much crap do you want to lug around all day. There are some limitation on weapons/kit as follows: Weapons: era weapons are preferable(and in the opinion of many cooler than all the shit that comes out today. OK it may just be the opinion of me, but who elses opinion really matters) but not required. If you do not have an actual era weapon just do your best to make what you have more era. That means take your night vision scope and Eotech off your Mark 18, put an iron sight back on and you are good. Red dots are only acceptable if they are an era reproduction and mounted Nam style on top of a carry handle. Similarly telescopic sights on an assault rifle are discouraged unless mounted Nam style. M203s are acceptable as stand ins for XM148s. Bolties, shotguns and pistols of all types are acceptable. High caps are highly discouraged, but if they are all you have, or the only type of magazines made for your gun, or you just like sounding like the back up singers for a Mexican boy band all day go ahead. Ammo limits again for rifleman are 300 rounds, 1200 for MGs. Side arms are limited to 4 magazines. Grenade and explosive rounds are not limited. Radios: HIGHLY recommended. At all stationary locations they may be used with any hand mic as a base radio. All mobile radios must be loaded into a ruck amd must use an open mic of some kind. NO throatmics, headsets etc. Except for the admin team. We are special. No quotation marks. We aren’t that kind of “special”. Well not all of us. Also “channel scanning” to eavesdrop on the enemy is bad behaviour and will not be tolerated. Uniforms, US: Semper Fi Marine. As such you will be fashionably attired in a combination of the following types: ODs/greens of any kind/era, tiger stripes(unless you show up in desert tigers, at which time I personally will point and laugh), woodlands, ERDL, duck hunter(google is your friend), or if you really wanna get your SEAL on go for jeans with one of the above tops. Kit is limited to belt kit style, era or not. Green is preferable. IF YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE, a simple chest rig is also acceptable. SIMPLE being the key word. NO, AND I MEAN ABSOLUTLY NO PLATE CARRIERS. Should you decide to show up in one, you will be asked to remove it, and you have the choice to either take it off or get butt hurt and leave. Uniforms NVA/VC: Any combination of black or tan is acceptable. So that means a set of scrubs, cargo pants or even you old mans pajamas is fine(EWWWWW I just had a mental image of someone playing commando while going commando in their dads pajamas). Kit is again limited to belt kit, or a chest rig IF YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. Again keep it simple (stupid). Tan or black is preferable, but not necessary. AGAIN NO FRIGGEN PLATE CARRIERS. Required gear for both sides: Water, kill rag, sealed rated goggles, WATER, proper foot wear(although if you show up in Ho Chi Minh sandals or something equally awesome I will make a personal exemption), about a foot of paracord or shoe lace or something similar(if you don’t have one game day we will bring a limited supply of bright pink paracord that we will make you tie in your hair like a nice pretty ribbon), did I mention WATER????, watch(don’t even try that “I have an awesome sense of time” crap). You WILL be checked for such things as you are chronoing your gun before the game. A small amount of water/pink paracord will be available for sale for those that lost their mind and forgot to bring theirs. Suggested gear for both sides: Compass, whistle, food, ammo, batteries(the last few I shouldn’t have to tell you to bring, but I did have to tell you 3 times to bring water and I guarantee someone will show up without enough water), spare rifle, radios(in a ruck of course), anything else you need to keep yourself going for a day The preceding message was brought to you by the letter “F” and the number “2”. Anywayyyyyyy, I know this game post has been mildly to ridiculously offbeat, but I get bored of the really dry formal posts. That and this way I can tell who bothered to read it and who didn’t. I promise to try to be more serious game day. I said try, Doesn’t mean I will. There may be more to follow closer to game day.

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