Operation Cedar Falls 5

 16 May
  - - -
 Chris Brown
I would like to invite you to the Vietnam tactical battle in Lebanon, TN "Operation Cedar Falls 5" This event will take place in the highly contested "Iron Triangle" conducting combat operations to "search and destroy" enemy combatants as well as effectively win the hearts and minds of friendlies all along many sections of the main trails and small enemy footpaths in our operational area. We will be the tip of the spear throughout this mission clearing these trails and paths of enemies and enemy placed boobie traps for our brothers to follow and reinforce the security of this area for peace loving south Vietnamese. BATFE address of the site (use for directions). 2966 Cedar Forest Rd Lebanon, TN 37090 Details: Camp site will be set up and opened by 12:00pm Friday afternoon. If you plan to camp: Bring period camping equipment. Non period camp will also be available. Cabins for rent are a short distance away (These are leased by the nearby State Park) contact me for further information. Checklist: * BRING LOTS OF AMMO! * Each reenactor bring (2) GALLONS of water if you are camping. For the event make sure you have at least 2 full canteens. * Bring extra socks. * Also, highly recommended bring insect repellent and treat your uniform with some form of Permethrin or Permanone(this can be found at Walmart in the camping section and other outdoor retailers). * Bring rations for Saturday. * Bring a good attitude, love for the hobby and prepare to have fun! * Event cost USGI: $10 * Event cost NVA/VC: You will all split the pot for the USGI entrance fees. YOU WILL BE PAID FOR THIS EVENT! * Safety and Authenticity: * Be sure you have the correct uniform and equipment for any Vietnam impressions up to 1970, we will have a safety briefing before the battle and inspect everyone's weapon and blanks. Thank you and hope to see you "in country". Contact me for any further questions. paratroop1968@yahoo.com

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