23 May
 3523 Independence Pkwy, La Porte, TX 77571
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 The Warfighter Foundation
HONOR THEIR SACRIFICE Clear your calendar - It's going down! The Warfighter Foundation 3rd Annual 100 Mile Hike! Kicks off on May 23rd, and you're invited to take part. This year will be incredibly different and more challenging than previous years. We will be hiking 100 miles under 48 hours! This event is a way to pay tribute to our fallen service members and to raise awareness of what Memorial Day is truly about. Come pay tribute to our fallen warriors and join us on the 100 Mile Hike! HIKE INFORMATION The hike will be conducted in four relays, that are approximately 20-30 miles each. You are welcome to come out for one mile, one relay, or conduct the entire 100 miles. It is up to you! All participants will be responsible for coordinating their own transportation. We will not be shuttling participants back to their vehicles. Registration includes T-SHIRT, SNACKS, AND BEVERAGES.

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