OpDeathEaters Nottingham

 29 May
 Beeston, United Kingdom
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 Kev Fantastico Grainger
Greetings brothers and sisters. We are anonymous. #OpDeathEaters and #OpExposeUK, which look into establishment child and sexual abuse, has lead us to Nottingham social services... It has come to our attention that the social services around England and Wales are one of the establishments failing to serve the people as they promised. For this reason, Kelly Groves, Kirsty N Kelsey Groves and their family will have their story heard in Nottingham on May 29th. Expect us. We will take every opportunity to make our presence known, that we will not be silenced, and they will not be able to ignore our discontent. We will be raising awareness about the forced adoption and child stealing within Broxtowe and Nottingham City councils Social Services. Corrupt Social workers will be exposed, we have shocking sad stories from local sisters who have had their children taken from them and left with only letter contact once a year! We want our children back! DETAILS: Meeting time:11pm Location is: Prospect House, Padge Road, Beeston Nottingham NG9 2JR. ~ And then marching to Beeston Council offices in the town to finish off the day. BRING FLAGS, FLYERS, BANNERS, DRUMS, WHISTLES, GUITARS, MEGAPHONES, TIN FLUTES, MARACAS, and ANYTHING else you can dig out of the cupboard to make your presence felt! PLEASE BRING AS MANY FLYERS AS YOU CAN MANAGE (Available soon)! Regional Events to be announced If you want to start an event in your area or want to get involved, CONTACT >>> @OpDeathEatersUK<<< on Twitter.

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