Online Wedding Shower For Jon and Lauren

 16 May
 Casper, WY, United States
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 Nathan AnnaMae
Hi Everyone, So Jonathan and Lauren got married on March 6 before he flew out to Florida to be deployed by the end of March on a Naval Ship. We did not know that Jon was going to be deployed so quickly after A school, so we could not plan a nice wedding and a reception. I am wanting to host an online shower for them so that once Jon comes back from deployment ( hopefully end of summer) they can start their lives together in Florida. He is going to be stationed at Mayport in Jacksonville, Florida. Lauren is going to be living with us in Casper while Jon is deployed. Please be praying for Jon as he on a ship, and for Lauren as she will be staying here with us and working. If you would like to send them a Wedding Gift, they are registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, and Kohl's. You can send the gifts to Lauren at 1635 S. Melrose Casper, WY 82601. Or give them to my mom, Ann in Colorado. We will be posting gifts on here as we receive them. Thank you all so much.

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