ONLINE Essential Oil 101 Class

 16 May
 YOUR computer! Google Hangout live event
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 Elizabeth Moon Tassone
This is a great class to get to know therapeutic essential oils. Their benefits are amazing and it's a perfect way to support your families health and wellness! This class is for those of you who don't live close to me!! I will be using google Hang out for this event so I will need your email address and you will need to download Google Hangout. You will be able to ask questions and interact as well if you want! This will be a live event!! PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TOO!! For those of your who can commit to the online class ~ i will need your mailing address so I can send you samples of the 11 oils we will cover in this class so you can experience them just like you would in my local class and I will also send some information as well. These samples do cost me out of pocket so I ask that you only make sure you can truly commit to the date and time of the class and follow through with it:) I will mail samples the week of the class so if you need to cancel just let me know, And I will be doing this often so if something does come up could can always join in on the next one!! This is also a great class for those of you who have already ordered a kit from me but aren't local and want to learn more!! Because this will be a live Google hang out you could also invite friends over to your house and they can experience the virtual class too and try the samples I will send you! if you already have the kit you won't need the samples but can follow along or share with friends while I teach!! this will be fun and I will do a couple give away prizes as well!!

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