One man walking in the name of love

 11 June
 My walk will start at Pomfret Connecticut on June 11, it will end in Washington DC
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 Jesse Turner
Jesse The Walking Man Turner is walking from Connecticut to Washington DC this summer to protest the education malpractice that is demoralizing parents, teachers, and turning our children into human capital. I'll start walking in June, time it to reach Washington DC for the BAT's National Congress July, (400 miles in 40 days) I'll post my itinerary in February. I will hold Walking Man Events along the way in people's homes, libraries, coffee shops, churches, and on street corners, to gather evidence from parents, students, and teachers. Why walk? 1. I am a Professor of literacy, I have a Ph.D in Language, Reading, and Culture. Everything I know professionally informs me what is happening to our children in the name of education reform is child abuse. 2. Because Moses walked, because the Cherokee Walked, because the Navajo walked, because Martin Walked, and because Cesar Chavez walked. Walking may just be the most potent weapon human beings have against oppression. 3. Because childhood matters. 4. Because children come first. So stay tuned, there will be updates coming. In the meantime the Walking Man has to lose some 25 pounds, and get this old body into shape.

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