On Trial 2015

 29 May
 Buxton, United Kingdom
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 Primal Events
Primal Events brings you On Trial, an annual physical endurance event held over a 48 hour period during summer. Before you register, you should be prepared to pit yourself against many gruelling mental and physical challenges, sometimes as a team, sometimes against them. You should also know this event begins long before the start line, with weird and unique tasks requiring completion even before the clock starts ticking. Your kit lists will contain necessary items for completion, but will not always be easy to interpret and the start location will only become specific as the event date draws closer. Tasks involving an extremely broad range of skills must be completed by all participants, or risk being removed from the event. Are you sure you're that versatile? You will never know what is around the next sunrise, how to prepare, or equally what to do when you get there. Be assured that core requirements include, but are not limited to; physical endurance conditioning, open water experience, weight bearing ability, land navigation, lateral thinking, timekeeping, and effective communication. With a unique reward and penalty system, will you make your trial easier or next to impossible? There's no way you can know if you have what it takes to finish, there's no way you can know what you're capable of. The only way to find out is by putting yourself On Trial.

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