Omaha Double Bagger

 16 May
 Hy-Vee Linden Market 132nd and Dodge
 747 N 132nd St - 68154 - Omaha - United States
 Brian Edwards
Omaha Double Bagger 2015 - 8th year, late start, shorter route, trying Schmidley's again. Once again there will be plenty of trails, some surface streets, bridges to nowhere, HyVee's and dive bars. Same "official" start at HyVee 132nd & Dodge, new time 2:00 PM but Stage 0 begins an hour earlier at the Old Mill Lounge - find a hotel around there for when you're done riding. Due to late start we will work a route similar to 2011 - HyVee 132nd & Dodge, Boys Town, south past Oakview. Game time decision will be made on Stinky Bridge as to circumnavigating Zorinsky to HyVee 180th & Q, or just head to Bridge of Unexplainable Delay, Bridge to Nowhere, HyVee 156th & Maple. Might go from there around south side of Standing Bear Lake, then drop down east on Fort to Schmidley's Bar / Driving Range. Wheels quickly fall off at that point, south to find Caddyshack then trail to Old Mill Lounge, end there or back up the hill if you parked at 132nd & Dodge. OMA2BGR 2015 - late start, shorter route, keeping it simple. See ya there! Dutch

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