Old Windsor Carnival 2015 (5-7 June)

 05 June
 Old Windsor, United Kingdom
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 Dave Wood
Donkey Derby Fri 5th Jun – The Annual Donkey Derby kicks off the Carnival weekend - 1st race 7.30pm. To ‘own’ a racing donkey contact Richard Bull on us@the4bulls.wanadoo.co.uk Procession day Sat 6th Jun - Carnival Procession, Centre Ring attractions, stalls & competitions. To enter the procession contact Jonathan Stacey on jonostac@hotmail.co.uk To have a stall contact James Smith on cerberafund@hotmail.com Sunday Activities Sun 7th Jun - Carnival Football & Netball will take place, along with Old Windsor’s Got Talent! Hopefully, the Old Windsor Bake Off will also make its debut. For advertising in Carnival Programme or raffle donations contact Jane Cookson on jane.cookson@wdfg.com Prospective Carnival Queens should contact Carol White on carolwhite22@sky.com For general enquiries about the Carnival contact Jonathan Stacey on jonostac@hotmail.co.uk

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