22 May
 Port Lucaya, Freeport, Bahamas
  - 00000 - Freeport - The Bahamas
 Steve Harris
This year the ORBS will be traveling as the OLD RUGBY "Hula Hula" BOYS SIDE. Thousands of years ago the most adventurous and courageous South Sea Island warriors, set out over 5000 miles of uncharted waters in open canoes to discover and settle in the Hawaiian Islands. "The ORBS similarly exemplify this skill and daring on the rugby pitch. This year we too will cross vast distances of open water ( well 90 miles across the Gulf Stream) to crush our enemies, sack their villages and pillage their wahines! (Well,,,,we'll at least drink some of their beers). "Hawaiian Island Warriors" we will be. So dress appropriately as we go there to invade the Bahamas. Think more in the lines of Island Warrior, rather than USA tourist, wearing a Hawaiian shirt. It's Freeport Rugby Football Club 50th Anniversary, let's help make it one hell of a party!

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