20 May
 Ottakringer Brauerei
 Ottakringer Platz 1 - 1160 - Vienna - Austria
 Fotis Konstantopoulos
It’s 14 years already since we first went online with oikotimes – the web page which always meant to bring the ultimate Eurovision information from the side of the fans. Only last year 2,4 million visited our website giving to oikotimes the second best year since 2006. Since 2011 we celebrate our annual online anniversary with a party to remember night. In 2011 and 2013 it was Athens, in 2012 it was Brussels and in 2014 was host city Copenhagen. In 2015 we again decided to party at the Eurovision host city, Vienna. Therefore we want to invite you all accredited P & F Eurovision lovers to join us at the EUROCLUB on 20/5 at 23:00 after the jury rehearsal for a unique celebration. We are not going to be alone: After announcing the participation of Azerbaijan, Belarus and France we are happy to announce a special guest act. Eleftheria Eleftheriou who represented Greece in 2012 Eurovision Song Contest edition will attend and perform her Eurovision entry plus a wonderful remix of Greek and other Eurovision entries. During the party we will make sure the first 50 of you will get random Eurovision goodies specially gathered for you! Don’t miss this one!!!

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