21 May
 Bosco Tent Spiegeltent Gardens, Grand Parade Brighton
  - - -
 David Bramwell
A night of psychogeographical adventures around Britain’s islands, its ghost villages and oldest road with authors John Higgs (KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned £1Million), Mathew Clayton (Islands Round Britain) and David Bramwell (The No9 Bus to Utopia). Thurs 21st May, 8.30pm £8/10 The night will begin with an illuminating lecture from Mathew Clayton, exploring Britain’s mythical and lost islands before David Bramwell takes the lead with a personal and historical journey around some of the UK's many ghost towns and drowned villages, from the micronation of Sealand to two ghost villages close to Brighton, one of which even comes with its own musical soundtrack, courtesy of the band Grasscut. Our final speaker, John Higgs will take you on a journey along one of the oldest and most significant roads in the world, Watling Street, one that connects Bletchley Park, Boudicca, Star Wars, the Great Fire of London, Chaucer’s Pilgrims, Eastenders and much more! This night is in collaboration with Ernest Journal, a magazine for curious and gentlefolk. Tickets: http://boxoffice.brightonfringe.org/event.aspx?evId=10585&pfId=21150#DatesAndTicket

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