• Nourishing Stillness Day Retreat •

 06 June
 Balanced Lifestyle
 Kingston Grange, 297 Gilmerton Road, Liberton - EH16 5UJ - Edinburgh - United Kingdom
 Annu Tara
Exchange for this one day retreat event is £60, which will also include refreshments, raw chocolate treats and a delicious, nourishing vegetarian lunch. A £30 deposit via Paypal or bank transfer will be required to confirm your place. This event is limited to a maximum of 10 participants. Please read the info below and send me a private message via Facebook or to annu@annutara.co.uk if you would like to attend. Please don't press the FB going button unless you genuinely want to participate - thank you! Also welcome to share and invite to this event if you feel it would be of benefit to others. ∞ Nourishing Stillness Day Retreat is an invitation to dive deeply into the silent Ground of Being through sitting meditation, organic stretching + earthing, spontaneous embodied movement and an afternoon of conscious exchange and radical resting with fellow practitioners in our bodywork temple for the purpose of resetting, regenerating and realigning as awareness through embodiment. Invitational guidance will be offered throughout and the work itself is simple yet profound. In my experience, what is offered here is really the solid foundation of personal practice as the integration of awareness and opening through the head, heart and body, and is based on what I have learned from my own practice, teachings received and intensive retreat experience. .:. It’s my sense that a lot of people are put off from sitting meditation because there are some traditions that promote quite a rigid or seemingly-complex approach, or sometimes advanced practices are offered to those who are just beginning and it can really deter from settling into a natural confidence in the practice itself. I’ve found that simplicity has been key in establishing my own practice. And also cultivating the skill to get my bum on the cushion! These are some of the explorations we will share in together at Nourishing Stillness… simple practice through forming clear yet gentle container that is then able to hold everything else. In this, the body can relax and drop down deeply, making space for the mind to abide as peace. Because of the simplicity of this work and the openness in which it is being offered, this day retreat is very much suitable for all shades and textures of experience. For some, this maybe a step into new territory or perhaps you are an established practitioner and would like to connect with Sangha for a day of practice and sharing. Either way, everyone is welcome to drop deeply into a day of nourishing rest, reflection, communion and regeneration. In the afternoon of our Nourishing Stillness Day Retreat, we will explore some very simple shared conscious touch work. It’s my experience that everyone benefits so profoundly from being touched! It’s something that many people don’t receive enough of – just very simple, non-sexual, conscious care and connection. It is particularly beneficial in offering balance, integration, stabilisation and deep relaxation when there has been a lot of depth work, meditation/stillness and inward turning practice. Connecting through embodiment allows an opening, softening and relaxation that is so supportive and in turn, creates more space in the body as the nervous system drops down and a more rounded, integrated Beingness is invited. I’ve been exploring spontaneous touch work over the past few years, through private sessions and group work, and I find that it is profoundly healing for people to enter into, both as a receiver and as a giver (you definitely don’t need to be a ‘professional’ bodyworker for this!). It allows us to reconnect with our own innate wisdom – with the very fact that these bodies know *exactly* how to BE, what feels good and that presence is our natural way of Being. It can also be fun too. Together, we will explore some very simple practices to share and relax into together. I will offer some gentle guidance, but really trusting our own Self and embodied wisdom is invited here. Touch work is engaged fully clothed and is an invitation to gently open into the innocent tenderness of our human bodies through cradling postures, holding stations, and gentle massage as conscious embodied presencing. Men, women and anyone identifying outside of the binary are welcome to this day retreat and no previous experience of meditation, movement or bodywork is necessary. .:. ** Nourishing Stillness Day Retreat is also a wonderful foundation for those who are considering participating in the two day deep-dive ‘Women’s Embodiment Immersion‘ that offers a safe, sacred and held space for the exploration and integration of meditation, embodiment and sexual-somatic awareness work and practices. Nourishing Stillness offers an introduction to working with me through restful practices and is ideal for those who would like to gently test the water before going deeper. Touch in if you would like to attend either or both events. .:. Feedback From Previous Participants: "There’s solo daily practice - and then there’s this. The Nourishing Stillness Day Retreat is such a perfect opportunity to indulge in personal practice with no distractions, no pressing to-do list and all in the company of a dedicated circle of practitioners fully committed to doing the same. Annu makes the point to say that she doesn’t offer any teachings through this day, but that isn't at all the same thing as you leaving without learning anything - for that simply isn't the case! It’s nothing short of full, deep nourishment for all aspects of Self. I can’t wait to repeat, repeat, repeat!" - Julie Gibbons, Scotland {more feedback coming soon}

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