NWAS Leukemia and Lymphoma Fundraiser Tournament

 30 May
 Leroy Haagen Memorial Park
  - 98684 - Vancouver - United States
 Deng Thepharat
NWAS has teamed up with Cory Erickson again this year for another great tournament to raise money for "Leukemia and Lymphoma Society." Many of us have been touched by this horrible cancer. My mom passed away in 2011 from it and Cory's dad 16 years ago, so we are very passionate about helping find a cure, because no one else has to lose a loved one. There are 2 ways to get involved. You can go to his page and donate money via Cory's Fundraising page. This year his goal is $7000. Let's help him reach his goal. http://pages.teamintraining.org/oswim/cdairon15/cerickson OR Play on Saturday, May 30th and enter to win in our raffle for some great prizes that Cory has worked hard to secure for us. Here is a sample list and ticket prices. Raffle Tickets: 2 for $5 5 for $10 12 for $20 Sample Raffle Prizes: Boke Bowl Restaurant Unlimited Fleet Feet Sports/Fit Right Rogue Le Bistro Montage Magnum Opus 0vernight stay at "The Inn at Northrup Station" Thai E-san *Viso Energy Drinks will be handing out drinks during the tournament. *More will be announced on that day. I hope you can all make it out. You don't have to play to do the raffle, so invite your friends and family. Thanks again for your support. _____________________________________________ *Note the early start time. *32 Team Cap, but will adjust accordingly to turnout. *Date: Saturday, May 30th *Cost: $120 per team *Location: Leroy Haagen Park NE 9th St, W of NE 136th Ave Vancouver, WA *Time: Check in - 8:15am Captain's Meeting - 8:30am First Serve - 8:45am *Format: Outdoor Reverse Co-ed Quads. Pool play in the morning and bracket play in the afternoon. Division/level (A/AA or B/BB). Depending on turnouts we will divide the divisions accordingly. *Rules: http://nwasiansports.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=46&Itemid=80 *Waiver: This is a players tournament. By registering you agree that you play at your own risk. *Registration: Post your registration on this Facebook event page. Please indicate your level and include your full roster. You are confirmed when you are listed below. *Rank your team as accurate as you can (no Sand Bagging, we know how good you are). Registered Teams AA/A 1. "Hawaii Five O" - Arnold, Haley D, Bruno, Bird 2. "Poopy Diapers" - PT 3. "Bad Boys" - Griffin 4. "Team Name" Tennant, Chadwick, Justine, Kali 5. "Kiss My Grass" - Rob H, Sarah B, Paul K, Brindl 6. Alicia S, Mike H, Degay, Alex G 7. "Juan Hitter Quitters" - Whowan, Derrick D, Nicole M, Katelyn 8. Vas D, Shayla, Jessica B, Stephen 9. "SnapChat AllStars" - Paul C, Geoffrey C, Riley K, Janessa W 10. "BERZERKER!" - Nick W, Katrina Z, Nate, Vanessa H 11. Becky J, Irina B, Brent M, Jason B 12. Terin 13. Cameron B, JFro, Al, Mel 14. "Tap Dat" - Kendra, Joel, Dom, Jack O 15. "Bangarang" - Erik J, Sara B, Rod N, Tia W 16. Dasha, Yasmin, Troy, Kamaki 17. Amber G, Amanda C, George P, TBD 18. "Stay Low" - Rob M BB/B 1. "For Research Use Only" - Sara S, Claire, Russell, Brian B 2. Britt-Marie, Rafael, Brad, Cornie 3. David Rueck 4. "Smokin' Kills" - Erin B, Elvin, Brett, CoreyAnn 5. JC Gibbs 6. Jashiel, Nyra, Whitney L, Sergey 7. "Pool Play" - Emily K, Katy S, Miguel S, Jason J 8. Kara Y, Roman, Eugene, TBD 9. "Underdogs" - Daniette, Brian H, Momonja, Ashley D 10. "Chaos" - Krislynn, Andy, Karla, Josiah 11. "Skidmarks" - Danielle B, Stephen, Jackson, Samantha 12. “Jambalaya” - Nghia, Sarah S, Harley, Jeff M 13. DeeDee Kelley Free Agents Boys Girls Polly Bisquera

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