Nutrition Group Meeting

 06 June
 Gresham Home
  - - -
 Jennifer Butler- Gresham
Hello, We are going to kick Providence Nutrition Group into full gear! We will meet only 1 time a month. 1st Meeting Saturday, June 6th @ 10:00am- 11:00ish We will begin the book “Brain Maker”- if interested I can order the books on Amazon for $16.38 each or Costco has it for $12.99 *We will go over the format for this book, of the future meetings. If you can skim over the 1st chapter We will also address future meetings times Future ordering for the Co op Snacks are welcome but not mandatory. I will provide Tea, water and Kombucha(if all goes well) Please RSVP Even if it is just 1 person we will move forward. The meetings will only be 1 time per month and that is it. Please contact me if you have an questions.

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